Island Scanner

Pokemon Sun & Moon / Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon have an in-game QR scanner that allows you read QR codes in order to fill up your Pokedex. Upon scanning 10 codes, you are granted the ability to perform an Island Scan, revealing a rare Pokemon somewhere on the current island, varying by day. Use the table below to help identify the Pokemon you are looking for.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon

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Day Pokemon Level Location Special Move
Sunday Charmander 12 Route 3 Counter
Monday Squirtle 12 Seaward Cave Aqua Jet
Tuesday Onix 14 Ten Carat Hill Rototiller
Wednesday Horsea 18 Kala's Bay Water Pulse
Thursday Scatterbug 9 Hau'oli City Rage Powder
Friday Bulbasaur 10 Route 2 Grassy Terrain
Saturday Litwick 9 Hau'oli Cemetery Endure
Sunday Ralts 17 Route 6 Misty Terrain
Monday Spheal 19 Route 7 Belly Drum
Tuesday Combusken 20 Route 8 Low Kick
Wednesday Honedge 24 Akala Outskirts Wide Guard
Thursday Beedrill 14 Route 4 -
Friday Grovyle 16 Route 5 Grassy Terrain
Saturday Marshstomp 17 Brooklet Hill Counter
Sunday Rhyhorn 32 Blush Mountain Guard Split
Monday Swinub 33 Tapu Village Icicle Spear
Tuesday Prinplup 35 Route 16 Power Trip
Wednesday Grotle 36 Ula'ula Meadow Heavy Slam
Thursday Pidgeot 29 Route 10 Steel Wing
Friday Monferno 29 Route 11 Power-Up Punch
Saturday Axew 30 Mount Hokulani Counter
Sunday Eelektross 55 Poni Grove Crunch
Monday Aggron 57 Poni Plains Reversal
Tuesday Rotom 61 Poni Gauntlet -
Wednesday Leavanny 57 Poni Meadow Grassy Terrain
Thursday Chesnaught 45 Exeggutor Island Spikes
Friday Greninja 44 Poni Wilds Bestow
Saturday Delphox 44 Ancient Poni Path Wish

Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

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Melemele Island

Day Pokemon Level Special Move
Monday Totodile 10 Metal Claw
Tuesday Deino 13 Assurance
Wednesday Horsea 18 Dragon Breath
Thursday Klink 8 -
Friday Chikorita 10 Leech Seed
Saturday Litwick 10 Acid
Sunday Cyndaquil 10 Double Kick

Akala Island

Day Pokemon Level Special Move
Monday Spheal 19 Aqua Ring
Tuesday Luxio 20 Earie Impulse
Wednesday Honedge 23 Destiny Bond
Thursday Venipede 14 Toxic Spikes
Friday Bellsprout 16 Acid Spray
Saturday Maril 17 Aqua Jet
Sunday Gothita 17 Dark Pulse

Ula'ula Island

Day Pokemon Level Special Move
Monday Swinub 31 Freeze-dry
Tuesday Duosion 33 Night Shade
Wednesday Roselia 34 Leaf Storm
Thursday Staravia 27 Roost
Friday Vigoroth 27 Hammer Arm
Saturday Axew 28 Iron Tail
Sunday Rhyhorn 30 Skull Bash

Poni Island

Day Pokemon Level Special Move
Monday Conkeldurr 57 Drain Punch
Tuesday Togekiss 59 Future Sight
Wednesday Leavanny 57 Me First
Thursday Serperior 43 Glare
Friday Samurott 43 Brine
Saturday Emboar 43 Superpower
Sunday Eelektross 55 -