Here is your Random QR Code


RandomQR was created to easily create QR codes for testing purposes or the odd gimmick found in games, where context isn't hugely important.

Since then, its functionality has expanded with a QR Code Generator supporting URL, Email, Text, SMS, and Telephone QR Codes.


What is a QR Code?

A Quick Response Code (QR Code), when scanned, can tell the device scanning the QR code on how to handle it. This could be instructing the device to open a web page, send an email, or sharing a username/password for a Wi-Fi hotspot, to name a few.

How do I scan a QR Code?

Modern smartphones are capable of scanning QR Codes with their cameras. Some offer this functionality out of the box with the preinstalled camera application, otherwise an app can be picked up from the respective app stores.

What data does RandomQR Keep?

RandomQR runs completely client side. This means that anything you type into RandomQR will not be sent to any third party server.

Can I modify my QR Code?

QR Codes can still function even when their colours are changed. You can even customise the corner points and add your own image to the centre of a QR Code.

It is a good idea to test your QR Code on a number of devices and scanners before making your changes final. Just because they are customisable, it is still possible that your QR Code becomes difficult to scan.

What can I use a QR Code for?

QR Codes work great for sharing data for your guests or for marketing purposes. You could share an email address for example, and even include a pre-written message subject/body for your user.

What good is a Random QR Generator then?

Sometimes we just need a QR Code and we don't care what data it has. This can meet the needs of a developer looking to test a QR scanner app, or a specific mechanic in game. (Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon for example)

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