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RandomQR was created to generate random QR codes which you could scan into Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon. Since then it has grown into a QR Code Generator supporting URL, Email, Text, SMS, and Telephone QR Codes.

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What is a QR Code?

Considering you are already here, you have a vague idea of a what a QR code is. If not, then don't worry! A Quick Response Code (QR Code), when scanned, can tell the device scanning the QR code on how to handle it. This could be instructing the device to open a web page, send an email, or sharing a username/password for a Wi-Fi hotspot, to name a few.

Okay, so why would I want a random QR Code?

Due to the popularity of QR codes, you may see them serving as gimmicks in ways you didn't foresee. For example, Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon (including Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon), have an in-game mechanic (Island Scanner) based around scanning these codes. In these situations the data within the code isn't super important and you just want as many as possible without much effort. That's where Random QR comes in.

However, we do actually let you generate QR Codes for other formats just in case you needed a little more. Give it a try!

Are you here for Pokemon Sun & Moon?

Take a look at Event Pokemon for the chance to obtain the likes of Magearna. If you're looking for a breakdown on the Pokemon available from using the Island Scan feature, head over to the Island Scanner.

Where can I learn more about QR Codes?

Check our Help page to learn more about QR Codes and Random QR.

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