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Use our Barcode Generator to create barcodes for various types, including EAN-13, ITF, CODE128 and more.

Barcode Generator Supports

Code 128
Code 128 was created to replace other ageing barcode types such as Code 39. It has full support for the ASCII character set. These barcodes are primarily used in shipping and packaging for tracking containers or packages. FedEx is known to use Code 128 barcodes for tracking packages as well as logging deliveries.
Code 39
Code 39 is supported by most barcode scanners. However, not all scanners support the extended code 39 format meaning lowercase characters cannot be used. Due to its fragile nature, Code 39 is best for holding small bits of data. It is used by the US Defense Department for military equipment.
EAN 13
EAN 13, the abbreviation of European Article Number, is widely used in Europe as the name may give away. It's used in accounting, wholesale, and retail among other uses. Because of its purpose to be encoded and decoded quickly, EAN 13 only supports numerical characters.
ITF 14
ITF 14 barcodes are used on the outer packing of shipping cartons. For individual retail items, EAN 13 should be used instead.
MSI (or Modified Plessey) Barcodes are used primarily in warehouses as a means of inventory control, identifying storage containers and shelves.
Phamacode, or Pharmaceutical Binary Code, barcodes are used in the pharmaceutical industry as a packing control system. The barcode is designed to be resistant to printing errors.
Codabar was created in 1972 by Pitney Bowes. It was designed to be accurately read even when printed via a dot matrix or impact printer. It's still favoured amongst US librarians but for the most part has become deprecated in favour of better symbology.


What is a Barcode?

A barcode represents data in a visual form, also referred to as linear or one dimensional. Using a specialised device called a barcode scanner, one can scan these codes and extra their data. It is now also possible to scan barcodes using a modern smartphone by simply downloading an app.

Where are Barcodes used?

Barcodes are found in plenty of places, such as on an item from your local shop or supermarket. The cashier will scan the barcode on the product to know how much to charge you. They are also found in other places like warehouses to track products as they move from A to B.

What's the purpose of a Barcode Generator?

Our barcode generator aims to assist you whether you are testing a barcode reader or developing software. It's completely free to use and runs locally within your browser.

Do you store my barcodes?

Any barcodes generated from our barcode generator are generated completely client side. This means that any data you enter does not reach a server or travel via any third party where this can be logged. In fact, it'll still work even if you disconnect from the Internet!

Can I generate a random barcode?

Yes, select the type of barcode you wish to use then click on the "Randomise" button in order to generate a randomised barcode of that type.